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Equal Opportunity Football Whoring
Feeeeeed the scousers!
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21st-Dec-2008 05:07 pm - David Beckham - AC Milan unveiling
2 HiRes pictures of David Beckham's unveiling at AC Milan. 33 years old and he is just getting better with age.

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14 HiRes pics of Manchester United from the Club World Cup Final in Japan. Pictures are from the semi-final game versus Gamba Osaka on December 18, 2008 and the final versus LDU Quito on December 21, 2008.

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Check out the bottom right hand corner. Gaz, Scholesy, and Giggsy. &hearts x 1982719827198271
Check out the bottom right hand corner. Gaz, Scholesy, and Giggsy. &hearts x 1982719827198271
Beyond the cut are 10 pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo accepting the Ballon D'Or trophy Sunday, December 7, 2008. Big congrats to him!

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7th-Dec-2008 02:33 pm - Welcome!
Hallo everyone. You've probably noticed this is the third reincarnation of this community. I am hoping this is the best one yet, and there will be some changes compared to the last two communities. The main reason I created a new place was because footie_lust is a basic user journal and not a community and I hated having to sign on and off everytime I wanted to upload and post pictures. Sorry about making you switch to different places; this will hopefully be the last time.

As for the changes I spoke of: first off, I'll be posting when I get the time and the resources, so don't expect an update every week. Second off, I'm just going to be getting pictures I feel like getting. If you don't like the same teams or players as me, this community probably isn't going to be a very good place for you. I'm sure you'll find someplace better for you if you search around LiveJournal. Third off, there are no silly rules this time around. I don't have the time or the energy to police this place, nor do I care to. Membership is moderated but that's more of a technicality than anything. The only thing I do ask is just some credit if you repost any pictures.

Anyway, that's about it. Hope you enjoy!
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